Shout Outs of the Week

Alice Ott Life

Shout outs for the week of October 12th-16th

Mrs. Twist is shouting out Bianca T.!

Thank you for all your help! Thank you for sharing directions for how to attach a picture for other students to use. Thank you for participation by sharing answers and asking questions. Even your classmates have remarked to me how glad they are to have you in their class.

Mrs. Christensen is shouting out Deghan T.!

Your participation in both Math and Science classes is wonderful! I appreciate how you share your screen and your ideas. Thank you!

Mrs. Hasegawa is shouting out Bailey S.!

Thank you for coming to office hours everyday and for working so hard. You are a rockstar!

Mr. Long is shouting out Yayoi W.!

Yayoi, you are such a pleasure to have in class. You always enter with a smile on your face and are such a great participant. I am so happy to have you in my class! 🙂

Mrs. Cassidy is shouting out Braylon G.!

Braylon is an active participator in class. He is engaged and focused. I appreciate you so much, Braylon!

Mrs. Henry is shouting out Eduardo C.!

Eduardo is always on time, and ready to learn! His work is top quality and he’s a positive member of our homeroom community!

Mrs. Wadnizak is shouting out Veniamin S.!

You are always there and ready to learn online. You contribute so many great thoughts and do an amazing job on your assignments. Thank you for being AWESOME!

Mr. James is shouting out Andrew L.!

For sticking around after class and asking very good clarifying questions. Thanks for your hardwork, Andrew.

Mr. Landis is shouting out Madison O.!

You are very responsible showing up for office hours to get classwork done and make each day a little brighter. I look forward to our classes knowing that you are bringing that smile with you.

Mr. Lute is shouting out Jamison T.!

I appreciate you scheduling and attending an after school Meet with me. Good job getting what you need to be successful!

Ms. Spears is shouting out Susana F.!

Your participation in HR was great! Thanks for sharing your personal story, I truly enjoyed hearing from you.

Mrs. Hasegawa is shouting out Duale D.!

Thank you for working so hard! You rock!

Mr. Long is shouting out Addison C.!

Thank you Addison for always being willing to share out and participate in class. You rock!

Mr. Hooker is shouting out Jahari H.!

Thank you for your excellent sense of humor and for watching out to make sure everything runs smoothly on Meets. P.S. please work on your French pronunciations!!! Meugot!

Mrs. Hasegawa is shouting out Luna S.!

Thank you for answering questions in the chat and for helping your classmates. Great work!

Mrs. Cassidy is shouting out Luke C.!

Thank you for working so hard, participating in class, and keeping organized. You have done a great job transitioning to middle school and remote learning. You are a superstar, Luke.

Mr. Flores is shouting out Yaroslav M.!

Going the extra mile to complete all projects and showing his artistic side. He’s awesome!