Community Feedback


Over the next several weeks and months, you will be invited by David Douglas to complete a series of different surveys. We want to explain why we are asking you to complete these different surveys and the unique and vital information that each of them will provide the District and our community.

Strategic Plan Survey

This is a 10-minute survey open Oct. 16-Nov. 6 that you should already have received. Our District is developing a 5-year strategic plan based on our priorities and values, and we need you, our community, to tell us what those priorities and values should be. Please complete this survey right away and submit it by Nov. 6.

You can also take part in a community-wide, virtual meeting on Tuesday, November 17 from 6-7:30 p.m. to help us develop our strategic plan. Save this Zoom meeting invite link to use when you join us: Zoom Invite Nov. 17

Pulse Check

This is an extremely brief (4-5 questions) check-in just to see how you are doing in Comprehensive Distance Learning and whether the District is meeting your needs right now. You should receive this brief Pulse Check in early November, and then a follow up Pulse Check in January.

Youth Truth

This is our annual comprehensive survey of families and students measuring general satisfaction or feelings about our District and your school. Because we use this same survey every year, it helps us track how we are doing year-to-year and where we need to continually improve. This survey will come to you in early December.

Click here to view the survey calendar showing when these surveys will be open.