Forecasting by Grade

2018-2019 School Year

Graphic of the words "6th Grade"


Forecasting: Choosing the elective classes you will take next year.
Elective Class: A class you choose to take to explore your interests (choir, band, art, computers, etc.).
Core Class: A class you are required to take (language arts, math, science, P.E., etc.).


Students receive 1 elective class:  Choir, Beginning or Intermediate Band, Beginning or Intermediate Orchestra, Computers, Project Based Learning.


6th Grade Forecasting Card


Graphic of the words "7th grade and 8th grade"


Students receive between 1 and 3 elective classes:  Choir, Intermediate or Advanced Band, Jazz Band, Intermediate or Advanced Orchestra, Computers, Project Based Learning, Drawing & Painting, Art & Culture Around The World, Arts & Crafts, Weights, Food & Fitness, Exploratory, Creative Arts, Yearbook.


7th Grade Forecasting Card


8th Grade Forecasting Card


Elective Descriptions


Graphic of the words "9th grade"


Freshman Forecasting Card


Freshman Forecasting Directions Video


Freshman Elective Descriptions Video