AOMS Counseling Department

The counseling team here at Alice Ott aim to provide a safe and supportive environment, striving to make connections with each and every student.  The counselors are available to work with students and parents for a variety of reasons, including:
  • Helping with class schedules (choosing classes, making changes, etc.)
  • Listening to concerns about personal issues
  • Problem solving solutions and/or coping strategies
  • Providing resources and referral information for students’ social/emotional needs
  • Assisting in identifying and placing students with special needs
Students wanting to consult with their counselor are encouraged to fill out an appointment slip, located on the counter behind the counseling secretary’s desk.  This should be done before school, during passing times, at lunch, or after school.  A student may see the counselor immediately in the case of an emergency.  Parents/guardians may contact the counselors any time they have questions or concerns regarding their child’s welfare.  Meetings can also be scheduled to discuss topics in person.
Our counselors’ ultimate goal is for students to make responsible decisions, learn problem-solving skills, and be successful contributors to society.